Together Online

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Together Online's mission is to combat antisemitism on the social networks, via the active involvement of members of Orthodox communities in Israel and the Diaspora.

Together Online will run a trailblazing educational project in Israel and abroad, to combat new antisemitism and the delegitimization of Israel on the social networks.

The project will activate online ambassadors by using a unique app, and will effectively counter the expressions of hatred and calls to boycott Israel.This project will also focus on disseminating positive messages in support of Israel and Diaspora Jewry, via film clips, articles, infographics, etc.

This project will operate as a joint initiative of Yavneh Olami and World Mizrachi, in conjunction with the Israeli government and leading Jewish organizations in Israel and around the world, including: Lev Academic College, ActIL, and Shem Olam.


  1. For the first time, young people from Orthodox communities in Israel and the Diaspora will work together.
  2. Harnesses the motivation to take action for Israel’s sake.
  3. Disseminates Jewish-Zionist values messages to wide audiences.
  4. Coordinated activities and messages between Israeli and Diaspora communities – “All Jews are responsible for one another.”
  5. Together Online will strengthen the Jewish identity and solidarity with the State of Israel.

We invite you to join and support us!!